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Changing Dreams

by Jessica Couture on 1/29/2015


by Christina Schloot on 1/29/2015


by Ryan Bright on 1/29/2015

Please Help?

by Gennesis Dheming on 1/29/2015

My first blog post!

by Katie Needles on 1/29/2015

Tips on coming home

by Margaret Poch on 1/29/2015
Team OMeGa

New Year New Me

by Kelli Tanner on 1/29/2015
Team reap what you sow.

by Bethany Dilts on 1/29/2015
Team Restored

The Team, The Team, The Team

by Chance Minges on 1/29/2015
Team Aslan

It's Okay To Not Be Okay

by Olivia Maksymchuk on 1/29/2015
Team Unveiled

Ecuador Month 1

by Olivia Maksymchuk on 1/29/2015
Team Unveiled

A Healing Touch

by Tyler Goeglein on 1/29/2015
Team Coram Deo

Conquering the Giant

by Heather Snider on 1/29/2015
Team Beautiful Mess

Music Notes

by Heidi Streicher on 1/29/2015
Team Borderlands

Ask, Listen, Act

by Mary Brinen on 1/29/2015
Team Free Birds

The Art of Romancing.

by Katie Ruther on 1/29/2015
Team African Love You

Not My Kind Of Race

by Ellen Scott on 1/29/2015
Team Squad Leaders

30 thoughts on my 30th

by Paola Antenucci on 1/29/2015
Team J B A E

A Smile

by Jonathan Sander on 1/29/2015
Team Anomaly

Peace Surpassing Understanding

by Dani Piva de Albuquerque on 1/29/2015
Team Nahala

What I've Been Doing

by Audrey Harned on 1/29/2015
Team AbandoNment

Unsung Hero-Thailand-Video

by Molly Reel on 1/29/2015
Team Squad Leaders

Ageless Beauty

by Nicole Smith on 1/29/2015
Team Beautiful Mess

New Jerusalem

by Zach Ripley on 1/29/2015
Team Righteous Oaks

Being Back

by Raquel Stewart on 1/29/2015
Team Golden Girls

The World Race

by Jodi Terpstra on 1/29/2015
Team Living Water

A Philipping Great Month

by Emma Morris on 1/29/2015
Team AbandoNment

Let us rejoice!

by Emily Baracy on 1/29/2015

The Lipstick Blog

by Jessica Tuttle on 1/29/2015
Team Living Water

A Glimpse of Ecuador

by Cassady Schulte on 1/29/2015
Team Awaken

Month 1

by Madison Thompson on 1/28/2015
Team Wanderers

Let the Children Come

by Allie Spain on 1/28/2015
Team Borderlands

A Thing Called Love

by Landon Brake on 1/28/2015
Team Borderlands


by Prica on 1/28/2015
Team Wanderers

Jesus you're all I want and need

by Bronwyn Delport on 1/28/2015

A Day In The Red Light District

by Shannon Pere on 1/28/2015
Team Kairos

Lost in the Sand

by Brent McDermott on 1/28/2015
Team Overflow

Lose Control

by Ashley Cook on 1/28/2015

Why I finally said yes to God

by Gabbi Ford on 1/28/2015

A Father of Assurance

by Jeremi Joel on 1/28/2015
Team Fusion

Dominican Republic Update

by Kelly Smith on 1/28/2015
Team River Dwellers

Welcome to Africa!

by Liana Kloss on 1/28/2015


by Lindsay Bienz on 1/28/2015


by Sara MacIntosh on 1/28/2015

In Sickness & In Health...?

by Jennie McMullin on 1/28/2015
Team Aslan

World Race Video Project

by Niki Suber on 1/28/2015

La Casita

by Charis Duenas on 1/28/2015
Team Unidos Pa lante

Together We Can Change The World

by Ash Parker on 1/28/2015

a story of redemption

by Allison Huang on 1/28/2015
Team Gener8


by Allison Huang on 1/28/2015
Team Gener8

mountains melt like wax

by Allison Huang on 1/28/2015
Team Gener8

Heartbroken Expectations: Why Am I Here?!

by Kaili Taniguchi on 1/28/2015
Team Gener8

Trial by Fire!

by Tiffany Blount on 1/28/2015
Team Free

Rooted and Uprooted

by Claire Miller on 1/28/2015
Team Relentless

I'm Not Actually in India

by Olivia Osley on 1/28/2015
Team Flourish

11 Things: Thailand

by Aly Badinger on 1/28/2015
Team Kintsugi

Final Update: Impact Ratchaburi

by Aaron Braun on 1/28/2015
Team Renown

The Joy of Encouragement

by Amy Mejeur on 1/28/2015
Team Righteous Oaks

The Ultimate Instagramer

by Ellen Scott on 1/28/2015
Team Squad Leaders

I thought it would get easier...

by Kegan Nall on 1/28/2015
Team Teleo

When in Rwanda...

by Andrea Mast on 1/28/2015
Team Full House

A gift from God

by Scott Perez on 1/28/2015
Team Full House

High Above It All

by Katy Knutson on 1/28/2015
Team 7/11

Africa and All its Surprises!

by Lynda Watson on 1/28/2015
Team Squad Leader

A Sunday Lunch

by Molly Syme on 1/28/2015
Team Nahala

Boxcar Blessings

by Linda Swier on 1/28/2015
Team Boxcar Children

Standing still is hard

by Linda Swier on 1/28/2015
Team Boxcar Children

japan in pictures

by Chrislyn Clermont on 1/28/2015
Team Aleph

TOP TEN: Thai love <3

by Ash Owens on 1/27/2015
Team Aleph

Fundraising Letter

by Jamie Boespflug on 1/27/2015

Don't Ask Me.

by Anne Bruner on 1/27/2015

11n11 Guatemala

by Rafi Robles JR on 1/27/2015
Team The Good Timers

Summiting Pichincha Volcano

by Melanie Wells on 1/27/2015
Team Awakened Warriors

Jehovah Nissi

by Grant Zalud on 1/27/2015
Team Kabod

What Breaks Your Heart?

by Kristen Hamilton on 1/27/2015

Lessons From a Winter Storm

by Gabrielle LaGross on 1/27/2015

To the ends of the earth... (+T-Shirts!)

by Anna Norman on 1/27/2015

UH- Sunrise and Sunset

by Kathryn Krause on 1/27/2015
Team Rayos

Seeking 'Same'

by Hannah Hastings on 1/27/2015

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

by Drew Steverson on 1/27/2015

It's Name is |C A N C E R|

by Olivia Bourgeois on 1/27/2015
Team Mosaic

"The Brewer" A Lesson on Pure Faith

by Joshua Duren on 1/27/2015
Team Mosaic

Missional Living

by Sarah German on 1/27/2015