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I will Remember Thailand

by Kate Stinson on 8/5/2015
Team Victory

In Rehab

by Kate Moore on 8/5/2015
Team The Tribe

The T-shirts are here!! :)

by Michelle Bond on 8/5/2015

Where My growth is...

by Jared Olmstead on 8/4/2015
Team Anchored


by Clayton Manche on 8/4/2015


by Savannah Rucker on 8/4/2015
Team United Difference

Meet The Team

by Shelby Fowler on 8/4/2015
Team Team 4

More than a Bake Sale

by Nichole Rodriguez on 8/4/2015

Common Questions

by Ashlie Watson on 8/4/2015

the end of a chapter

by Rachel Snowden on 8/4/2015
Team Nitty Gritty

The Ball Is In Your Court

by Lydia Burns on 8/4/2015
Team Radiant

All the Wifi

by Ada Kessler on 8/4/2015
Team Metanoia

God Delivers

by Corrie Lundberg on 8/4/2015

12 Thoughts on Training Camp

by Annie Kane on 8/4/2015


by Corbin Hughes on 8/4/2015
Team Half Dozen Disciples

Dear Mom,

by Allison Hencke on 8/4/2015
Team Furious Love (Squad Leaders)

Wear Love T-shirt!!

by Aubrey Webster on 8/4/2015

Fear and fundraising

by Dylan Douglas on 8/4/2015
Team Submerge 427

Worry & Anxiety

by AnnaKate Auten on 8/4/2015
Team Nani

Growing #teamlindseyWR

by Lindsey Moore on 8/4/2015

The One

by Autumn Graham on 8/4/2015


by Kathryn Krause on 8/4/2015
Team Tortuga Laud

To the person I call "Anonymous"

by Madeline Alvarez on 8/4/2015

Blessing the Pain

by Lexi Johnson on 8/4/2015
Team Selah

Happy travels

by Mel Jo Barnett on 8/4/2015
Team Fenix

Relentless and Without Reason

by Erin Cramer on 8/4/2015
Team Ezer

When God Shows Up

by Tammy Moye on 8/4/2015

Meet Our Team: SurrendeR121

by Billy & Ashley Spriggs on 8/4/2015
Team SurrendeR121

There's No Place Like Home

by Stephanie Olson on 8/4/2015

Empty my hands?

by Becca Mitchell on 8/3/2015
Team Pursuit

Called Me Higher

by Carson Shock on 8/3/2015
Team Kingdom 217

On earth as it is in Heaven

by Annie Duplechain on 8/3/2015
Team The Guhlies

Introduction - Going on The World Race

by Janee Banks on 8/3/2015

dear supporters-

by leslie mifflin on 8/3/2015
Team Shabba Shundai

Upcoming Fundraiser

by Sam DeCarlo on 8/3/2015
Team Liora

You're already on the Race

by Cicily Muchison on 8/3/2015

Meet the Fam!

by Laura Berg on 8/3/2015
Team Team 4

The ABCs of my World Race

by Emily Werness on 8/3/2015
Team En Fuego

See ya never, Past

by Racquel Elise Cooke on 8/3/2015
Team Wildfire

From Glory to Glory

by Annie Burnham on 8/3/2015
Team Credence

Lunch with a Freight Hopper

by Jake Brinkman on 8/3/2015
Team Squad Leaders

Don't Block Yourself In

by Katie Kroeger on 8/3/2015
Team Rogue Wave

Bye Sister! Thank you Sister!

by Lacey Lizotte on 8/3/2015
Team Undivided

When the Wolves Come

by Chelsea Lemon on 8/3/2015
Team S.H.I.E.L.D.

Unforgettable Race Moments

by Heather Snider on 8/3/2015
Team Beautiful Mess

Birthday Blog

by Diana Boyer on 8/3/2015

Birthday Blog

by Diana Boyer on 8/3/2015

My Big Fat Greek Mission Trip

by Anna Norman on 8/3/2015
Team Intrepid

The Starting Line

by Casey Roberts on 8/3/2015
Team Exuberant Peace

More Than Just People

by Sarah Jones on 8/3/2015
Team Alethinos


by Allison Ashforth on 8/3/2015
Team Woven

Q squad takes on Europe

by Sarah Bohlman on 8/3/2015
Team Dunamis

"Are you excited?"

by Victoria Kuhlman on 8/3/2015

Just to make you Proud

by Kristy Ramsey on 8/3/2015
Team Braveheart

Jesus, Take the Microphone

by Rachel Workman on 8/2/2015
Team Unsilenced

Why hide?

by Katy Wade on 8/2/2015
Team Unsilenced

When God Gets Deep

by Jordyn Long on 8/2/2015

Training Camp & Freedom

by Claire Mitchell on 8/2/2015
Team Freely Loved

The Table

by Amanda Allen on 8/2/2015
Team Sonflowers

How Following Can Save Your Life

by Victoria Baxter on 8/2/2015
Team Unsilenced


by Zach Zins on 8/2/2015
Team Mighty Oaks

Top 11 Photos from Africa

by Aly Badinger on 8/2/2015
Team Rohi Weebles

a prayer over Jeffrey's Bay

by Kristen Grubb on 8/2/2015
Team Wimbi

When Dancing Precedes Miracles

by Sarah Bohlman on 8/2/2015
Team Dunamis


by Mary Dunne on 8/2/2015
Team Wimbi

INDIA // a beautiful mess

by Karleigh Bloomer on 8/2/2015
Team Exuberant Peace

Here is to Hope(ing)

by Kristen Wise on 8/2/2015
Team LOL

Refreshment in the Chaos

by Michelle Mason on 8/2/2015

Love: The Beginning

by Grace Owens on 8/2/2015


by Carmen Vigil on 8/2/2015
Team Alabaster

Divine Encounters at Dunkin Donuts

by Debbie Jacobs on 8/2/2015
Team Liora

Raisin' Funds and Takin' Names.

by Talia Linde on 8/1/2015

The One Where I Find My Calling

by Heather Merrell on 8/1/2015
Team Credence

Confessions of a square peg

by Sarah Michel on 8/1/2015
Team Kindred

When Does the Journey Begin...

by Lindsey Moore on 8/1/2015

Beyond the Shore

by Abi Thompson on 8/1/2015
Team Sculptor Sisters

The Things that Go Uncaptured

by Justin Hunt on 8/1/2015
Team Vengadores