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Not To Us But To Your Name

by Krista Baer on 9/4/2015

Here We Go!

by Courtney Grever on 9/4/2015
Team Team Yesha

Saying Goodbye to the Suit & Tie

by Ryan Weathington on 9/4/2015

Entertaining Angels

by Anna Gentry on 9/4/2015

A (mostly) Original Blog from Malawi

by Megan Barretto on 9/4/2015
Team Geronima

Swaziland pt. 2

by Ryan Bright on 9/4/2015
Team Rise

"Sit with Me"

by Anna Romero on 9/4/2015
Team Rise


by Anna Romero on 9/4/2015
Team Rise

Flying Over Mnt. Everest

by Julia Robertson on 9/4/2015
Team Steadfast


by Anna Romero on 9/4/2015
Team Rise

Month One:South Africa

by Anna Romero on 9/4/2015
Team Rise

After All This Time

by Audrey Harned on 9/4/2015
Team Team A


by Jenna Wiles on 9/4/2015
Team Mighty Oaks

Committing Murder In Cambodia

by Malorie Finley on 9/4/2015
Team Soturi

I'm Fine And How Are You

by Natalie Gale on 9/4/2015
Team Mighty Oaks

A Different Story

by Natalie Gale on 9/4/2015
Team Mighty Oaks

The Going Home Blues

by Morgan Morales on 9/4/2015
Team All In

My Courtship with God

by Deb Gordon on 9/4/2015
Team Galene

The warm heart of Africa

by Ralph and Esther Terlouw on 9/4/2015
Team Galene

Drippy Handshakes

by Justin Kent on 9/4/2015
Team Galene

Romania and Greece Recap!!!

by Justin Kent on 9/4/2015
Team Galene

Soaking in a bucket

by Emily Trudell on 9/4/2015
Team Braveheart

The Best YES

by Leighton Teague on 9/4/2015
Team Serendipity


by Charis Duenas on 9/3/2015
Team Fenix


by Alexa Anover on 9/3/2015
Team Liora

God goals

by Ashley Desjardins on 9/3/2015

Travel List

by Gabrielle LaGross on 9/3/2015
Team Devoted Love

about time

by Bailey Barnes on 9/3/2015
Team Atlas

New York: Resting Before Launch

by Kody Adcock on 9/3/2015
Team Alétheia

pieces of peace // WR Launch

by Molli Caite Hughes on 9/3/2015
Team Team Breath of Life

Oh, "travel day"... What to say?

by Ashley Thaggard on 9/3/2015
Team Fenix

Fully Fundraised!!!!!

by Will Powers on 9/3/2015
Team The Watchmen

Remember my New Blog Page??

by Dillon Seeley on 9/3/2015
Team Team

Hufflepuff for Life

by Audrey Harned on 9/3/2015
Team Team A

Open Letter to Pre-Race Self

by Lauren Louise Burns on 9/3/2015
Team Discover and Disciple

The One

by Kim Esworthy on 9/3/2015
Team Rock Paper Spirit

to be completely honest

by Alyssa Raymer on 9/3/2015

I'm lilongwe from home!

by Meg Georges on 9/3/2015
Team Sozo

Summer Takeaways

by Kim Rietveld on 9/3/2015
Team Discover and Disciple

Goodie! Goodie!

by Hannah Jones on 9/3/2015
Team Radiant Vibes

Doubts lead to Droughts

by Alyssa Quini on 9/3/2015

Choosing to Die for a Stranger

by Amanda Finneseth on 9/3/2015
Team Halas

Deepest desire

by Andrea Burrow on 9/2/2015
Team Tolmao

Why I am doing the World Race...

by Kara Stanley on 9/2/2015

Insert Catchy Title...HERE!

by Tori Baker on 9/2/2015
Team Blaze

My Story...

by Carmen Schakel on 9/2/2015

He Sets The Prisoner Free

by Kayla Garrison on 9/2/2015
Team Ichthys

The Reality of Marriage on The Race

by Billy & Ashley Spriggs on 9/2/2015
Team SurrendeR121

Not Peddlers

by Kelsey Eiles on 9/2/2015


by Taylor Brantley on 9/2/2015
Team Devoted Love

Fully Funded!

by Abel Ballew on 9/2/2015
Team Joyful Noise

The First Vlog

by Will Powers on 9/2/2015
Team The Watchmen

Beginning of Fundraising

by Monique Morris on 9/2/2015

Where Are You Going Now?

by Meggie Swisher on 9/2/2015
Team Serendipity

I Always Thank My God For You

by Cassady Schulte on 9/2/2015
Team Nahar

Support Letter and Updates!

by Holley Roberson on 9/2/2015

Turn the World Upside Down

by Rosie Lawrence on 9/2/2015


by Brittany Chaffee on 9/2/2015

The Road to Impossible

by Rebekah Campbell on 9/2/2015

How the World Race Found Me

by Heather Swan on 9/2/2015

Interview a World Racer

by Grace Owens on 9/2/2015

Come Home My Child

by Pei Yee Soon on 9/2/2015

What's Next?

by Kathy J. Woods on 9/2/2015
Team Hielo Y Fuego


by Ashley Allison on 9/2/2015


by Dani Piva de Albuquerque on 9/2/2015
Team Anchor

Thank You

by Shelby Bradford on 9/2/2015
Team Team Three Fourteen

God told me to LOVE her

by Casie Frink on 9/2/2015
Team Sculptor's Seven

-Scatter Me-

by Ali Woods on 9/2/2015

No Longer Slaves

by Kristin Hansen on 9/2/2015

Clay, Grief, and Jesus

by Kelli Tanner on 9/2/2015
Team Geronima

I Survived

by Kirbie Head on 9/2/2015
Team Soturi

I Need Your Help...

by Andrea Chvatal on 9/2/2015
Team All In

Thailand - Video Blog

by Cole Bruner on 9/2/2015
Team Victory

New Hope for Orphans [VIDEO BLOG]

by Kelley Willcox on 9/2/2015
Team Victory

Are You Happy?

by Kelley Willcox on 9/2/2015
Team Victory

Cambodia {video blog}

by Kate Stinson on 9/2/2015
Team Victory


by Brooke Leffelman on 9/2/2015
Team Shalom